Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updated: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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Dean Martin - Let it Snow

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Overnight something happened that hasn’t happened (that I can remember anyway) for almost 20 years.

We had a decent snowfall.

Beaumont missed out on the 2004 Christmas Eve snowstorm, not getting enough to do anything with.

Decenber snow 01This is only the third time in my life I’ve seen an accumulation of snowfall. It happened once here when I was about four years old and once when I was traveling to Washington, DC.

My brother happened to be up when I looked out the window just to see if any had accumulated. Boy had it!

He got dressed and we went out and did what kids do: play in the snow.

My brother making a snow angelThis is the first time he’d seen it in his life. He was around the last time we had snow, but he wasn’t old enough to remember it.

We had snowball fights, made mini-snowmen, and even made snow angels, as you can see.

Bruiser and I in the snowWe even briefly took all three of the dogs out in it.

As you can see from this shot of me with Bruiser, they weren’t very thrilled.

When I was out there earlier I stuck my finger in a random place just to see how much was sitting on top of the grass. My finger went most of the way, making it at least two inches worth.

I walked down the street and talked with a neighbor who’s a college student from another country, though I’m not sure which. I told him that the last time we’d had a snow like this I was four years old. He countered by saying that, where he was from, it snowed six months out of the year. He later commented that it “felt like home.”

My wee snow man I’ve got a lot more pictures that I shot, and I’ll share them here in Friday Photos during the upcoming weeks.

If you can’t wait, then you can check out my photo gallery, in which the snow pictures have their own category.

Sadly, the snow should melt off quickly once the sun comes up, as the high today is supposed to get into the 50’s.

Which I’m not really complaining about, considering it was rainy, windy, and never got out of the 30’s all day yesterday.

UPDATE: The NWS put out this Record Report today. Shows you just how amazing this is:

... Record earliest measurable snowfall set at Beaumont Port Arthur...
... All time record snowfall for December set at Beaumont Port

Officially 1.8 inches of snow was measured at the southeast Texas regional Airport. This sets the all time earliest measurable snowfall record for Beaumont Port Arthur. The previous record was set on December 22 1989 when 0.7 inches of snow was measured.


Tots said...

Dig it man. We only get it once or twice a year. We had some flurries two night ago, but missed out on anything real.

I miss nice snows.

K T Cat said...

Can you ever forgive me? I just threw you the link you so richly deserved.

Justin said...

Yea, I can.