Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why couldn’t I have been the “any” key?

Welcome to Stupid Quiz Sunday, in which I'll take an online quiz that may or may not be stupid and post the results.

You Are "esc"
Some people might try to say that you're unreliable or flighty.
But you can't help it. You're always finding yourself in sticky situations.

You're willing to bail if things are looking bad. You are quite impatient.
For you, having to escape every now in then is the price of taking risks. And you're not about to stop taking risks!

Have you taken this quiz? Have a quiz you want me to take? Leave a link in the comments.


Anonymous said...

No worries I'm the ESC key as well. Were impatient and flighty. LoL

K T Cat said...

I'm the tab key. A link is on the way tomorrow.