Monday, March 15, 2010

Continental drops free in-flight meals, makes Dwight Silverman sob.

It all started with @dsilverman posting a link to an article about Continental dropping free in-flight meals for coach passengers. Here’s his tweet:

RT @HoustonChron: Continental drops free lunches for passengers in coach | And I just may drop Continental.

I responded:

@dsilverman I won't fly anything but @SouthwestAir. Hobby's a hell of a lot easier to deal with and I don't really care about "perks"

And Dwight said:

@FatElvis04 i love the cheeseburgers on Continental. you even get a little salad. or used to. *sob*

And I fired back:

@dsilverman Dwight can haz cheezburger? Now you've given me a craving for one. I'm blaming you for any trips to Hamburger Depot today...

And then the idea for this came to me:

Dwight no haz cheezburger
Shot of the plane from mrkathika’s Flickr account.
Dwight’s picture from TechBlog.