Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random Thoughts on the Apple Announcements

I know I have mentioned on multiple occasions in the past that I despise Apple and it’s products, but I have come around a bit for the simple fact that their accessibility features are far superior, in my experience, to those of other platforms, especially in the mobile arena. I actually own an iPhone and iPad, thouggh I don’t use the iPad all that much.

Just some random observations from what I’ve heard of the Apple announcement, which I did not watch:

  • The new iPhone that was unveiled does not impress me enough to run out and get it. I’ll probably just head to T-Mobile in the next few days and scoop up either a 6 or 6+ on a discount before the new ones roll out.
  • Why are we going backwards? Remember how for years and years it was all about how small they could make a phone? Now everybody seems to be in a race to make them bigger.
  • I still don’t get the Apple Watch thing. II can’t be the only one that thinks it’s little more than a cool toy, right? Then again, I used to think that about smartphones.
  • Was Apple Pencil really the best name that they could come up with? Also, does it require a special Apple Pencil Sharpener?
  • The iPad stuff doesn’t interest me at all, but that’s mostly because I can just do what I need to on my iPhone.
  • The new Apple TV sounds pretty cool, especially with Siri being integrated into it. If it’s got decent accessibility features, I might just buy one.

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