Thursday, September 03, 2015

Plans Delayed

I had planned on taking a trip back to Texas this week to see my family back there and just to get out of Phoenix for a few days.

My body had other plans, though.

As I’d blogged about a while back, I’d had surgery on my eye I still have some vision in at the end of July. As part of the surgery, they put an air bubble in my eye to take the place of the fluid that they removed while they were doing their thing. The air bubble is some type of gas that’s supposed to be slowly absorbed by your body over a month or two.

Well, it gone down a lot, but it’s still there, which means I can’t fly.

I mean, I could, but the bubble would expand under the lower air pressure and drive up the pressure in my eye.

So, zas much as I hated to do it, I had to push the trip back a few weeks.

Thankfully, I didn’t wind up losing any money having to rebook since Jen works for an airline and I was flying out on a non-revenue pass.

On an unrelated note, I highly recommend working for an airline if just for the flight benefits.

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