Sunday, October 29, 2006

Proud of my boys

The Texans may have fell to the Titans 28-22 today, but I'm still proud of 'em.

They showed some fight and an unwillingness to just sit back and take it.

I mean, they could have mailed it in down 28-10 with about ten minutes left, but they fought and managed to keep it interesting all the way up to the attempt at a 1982 Stanford-Cal or Music City Miracle type of play.

David Carr was not at the top of his game and was benched in favor of backup Sage Rosenfels in the third quarter. Rosenfels rose to the occasion by passing for three touchdown and getting the Texans back in the game.

Just don't look for a quarterback controversy. Carr had a bad game. They happen. Just look for him to be on a short leash should he struggle in the next game.

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