Thursday, March 22, 2007


I've noticed a trend... and I know that K T has noticed the same thing.

Whenever you ask for comments you may get one or two, but never that many.

And when you don't ask for them, you get lovely little gems like this one that someone left for my post where I said I was leaving the newspaper blog:

Whiner child. Not sure how the newspaper sponsorship affected whether you or anybody else blogged. Like most of your generation, you simply got lazy. Go play a videogame or something and knock off the sniveling.

Sounds like that guy that everybody had in their neighborhood that was always screaming at kids, telling them to get off his lawn.

Since I still have admin powers at the blog, I deleted the comment.

If their email address hadn't been blatantly fake I would have ripped him a new one too.

The funny thing is that the IP from the comment traces back to Hearst, the company that owns the paper.

Oh well.

I say let the idiot think that about the younger generation. When he's too old to take care of himself and this generation is changing his Depends, he'll be eating those words.


Amanda Travers said...

How immature of him, I totally love the last part, it made me laugh too hard lol.

K T Cat said...

How sad that this commenters life has led him to take precious moments and spend them trying to hurt someone they never met.

Just being that person is punishment enough.