Thursday, March 22, 2007


Bruiser has had some redness on his belly for the past two or three weeks. I wasn't worried about it because I figured it was something minor and would just go away on it's own.

Well... it didn't go away.

So today I took him to the vet to let him take a look at it. Dr. Todd examines him for a minute and told me that it looked like allergies.

He went on to say that Bruiser's probably been laying on something that he's allergic to and that all he should need is a benadryl twice a day.

I just need to keep an eye on it and take him back if it gets worse looking. Should that happen, he'll probably get an antibiotic.

After walking out of the exam room, I asked "So, do I owe ya anything?"

Dr. Todd said to get out of there, so I guess not.

Well... it was minor, so I guess I was half right about it.

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