Saturday, March 24, 2007

Major League Baseball hates kids with cancer

I bring you the newest addition to the the long list of stupid things that Major League Baseball has done:

Craig Biggio was angry at the commissioner's office Thursday night after he was told to stop wearing a pin on his cap that bears the logo of a foundation that helps children with cancer.

The Houston Astros star said he has worn the bright yellow, sun-shaped pin, featuring the logo for the Sunshine Kids foundation, on his hat during spring training games for the past 20 years without a problem. He is the national spokesman for the foundation and is very active in its work.

"I'm not a disrespectful person and I don't disrespect the game," Biggio said. "But I've been wearing this pin for 20 years because it puts smiles on 20,000-something cancer patients' faces."


The 41-year-old second baseman, who is 70 hits shy of 3,000, said he wears the pin in spring training because many of the pictures for baseball cards are taken during those games and the children like seeing the pin on those cards.

Why? It's a pin on a hat! Not for some corporate entity, but The Sunshine Kids, a group that helps improve the quality of life of children with cancer!

And probably just so some suit in MLB's fortress of incompetence can feel all big and bad for telling a baseball player what to do.


Oh, and last I checked, those huge necklaces that players wear are still allowed.

When the bling gets banned, then MAYBE we can talk.


Surprisingly, nothing from Plunk Biggio... yet, at least.

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K T Cat said...

First, the Sunshine Kids needs a WOG post, for sure. Second, how can the guy have been wearing the pin for 20 years and just now they make him take it off? What kind of glacial incompetence is that?