Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thank goodness for radio

I couldn't sleep, so I started flipping channels to see what's on.

I found the Dallas Stars and Vancouver Canucks on Versus. I mean, I'm a Stars fan, but I'll admit I haven't been following them too closely with the 'Catters doing so well this year.

We're told that we're going to the fourth OT in just a minute by the intermission crew, but that's not what we get...

[WARNING: Expletive-laden rant below]

We get a fucking infomercial for some fucking workout machine.

I swear, I can't believe the NHL gave these fucking morons the right to broadcast their games to a national audience. With something like this, I wouldn't give them the right to broadcast it to my ex-girlfriend, much less an entire nation!

Thank goodness for the radio broadcasts being streamed over the web, or I'd be totally SOL.

I sent an email about it to Versus, but I doubt I'll get a response from that sorry excuse for a cable network.

Ok, maybe a "sorry for the incontinence" message, but nothing that will mean a flying fuck.

Naturally, as I was writing this, the Canucks got the game winner.

Just. Fucking. Wonderful.

I blame Versus.

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