Thursday, September 27, 2007

If you don't think dogs have personality, then you obviously haven't met Petey

Petey's something else.

The poor cutie's little quirks make him the butt of a lot of jokes around here, but they're also all true.

Like the other day when I was heading home from a trip to Sam's with my grandmother and, in a radio commercial for something, a lady says "Petey stopped eating and lost all of his hair" or something like that, we both agreed that if Petey lost all of his hair, he'd just roll over and die. Not from some weird condition, but just because he is so vain. He insists on being brushed at least once a day and can't stand to have a single hair out of place.

And then there's all the jokes about how you get growled at for looking at him the wrong way. Granted we don't, but if Bruiser or Taffy do it then they get growled at.

And don't cough or sneeze around him, because he WILL NOT tolerate that. You'll get barked at. A lot.

And the same for coming to the front door. If he hears a noise outside he goes nuts barking.

I swear, it's a miracle we get any quiet at all with him.

(In tomorrow's Friday Photo, see what happens when Petey and Bruiser need in the bathroom)

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