Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My victims may have suffered, but I shouldn't have to!!!

Apparently some death row inmates are concerned about the way they're going to die:

The Supreme Court today agreed to consider the constitutionality of lethal injections in a case that could affect the way inmates are executed around the country.

The high court will hear a challenge from two inmates on death row in Kentucky — Ralph Baze and Thomas Clyde Bowling Jr. — who sued Kentucky in 2004, claiming lethal injection amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.


Baze and Bowling say the procedure inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering on the inmate.

Unnecessary pain and suffering, huh? Funny how that's a concern to you now that it's YOUR turn to die.

I'm sure Baze was concerned about Powell County Sheriff Steve Bennett and Deputy Arthur Briscoe's pain and suffering when he shot them to death. And I'm also sure that Bowling was concerend about the pain and suffering of Edward and Tina Earley when they were shot and killed. And I'm SURE he was concerned about their two-year-old son that he also shot.

I say let 'em suffer.

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