Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never forget

Six years ago, I was a Junior in high school. My Algebra II and Chemistry classes went like normal. As usual, I was the first person to make it into my third period class, newspaper. We were going to press the next day with our first issue of the year, so I was expecting a busy 55 minutes.

We had a sub that day because our adviser (teacher) was off at the school photographer's studio shooting the yearbook cover. She asked me if I could get something she had on the computer to print. I thought "Alright, no big deal. She's got an email or something." Then I sat down and saw what she had pulled up. It was a page on CNN.com. I don't recall exactly what was on the page, but I do remember a small image on the page of the explosion from one of the planes (probably the second) hitting one of the towers.

"Holy shit," I thought.

We went to press the next day as scheduled, just with a new lead story.

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