Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Live-ish blog: Election night observations from Texas

First off, McCain's clinched thanks to us!

Here's some other observations:

  • The voting/caucus site near my house (a school where three precincts are voting) had a full parking lot, cars parked all along the streets, and businesses around there had full parking lots too. People were still out looking for spots at 7:30.
  • Oddity: Coryell County's Democratic results with 100% in. 2,434 for Clinton, 2,434 for Obama. 49% each.
  • Reports are that the caucuses have been organized chaos. Caucuses that normally had two or three people had two or three hundred people showing up.
  • Not election news, but the Wildcatters won tonight 3-1. Makes me happy!
  • Yes Hillary's leading the counts now, but the urban counties are slow to count and they're leaning towards Obama.
  • Amen, Reverend! Obama seems a lot like a very dynamic preacher when he's giving a speech.
  • Brooks and Dunn's "Only in America" at the Obama rally in San Antonio. Didn't expect to hear that.
  • I CAN HAS MAJIK BOARD? Seriously, I love that huge, interactive touch screen thing CNN has. That's just so fucking sweet. Like an iPod Touch on crack.

I'm gonna hang it up for the night here, but I might post some more stuff on my Twitter page later.

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K T Cat said...

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea what the situation was like out your way.