Saturday, March 08, 2008

You mean the Democrats want to simplify something?

After the clusterfuck (just look at Jim Thompson's Twitter log from the night) that was the caucus part of the so-called "Texas Two-Step" on Tuesday, the Dems want to get rid of it:

Responding to pressure, the chairman of the Texas Democratic Party on Friday called for simplifying the state party's confusing primary-caucus system after long lines and chaos plagued many local caucuses on election night.

Chairman Boyd Richie joined other key party party leaders in calling for changes to the hybrid system, nicknamed the "Texas two-step."


Acknowledging some of the problems, Richie said in a news release: "I believe changes in party rules should be made (in order to) welcome newcomers to our Party and encourage them to stay involved by making their participation as meaningful and convenient as possible."

Nice to see that they want to simplify it.

My guess is that it'll turn into what it is for the Republicans, more or less just an election of delegates to the county or senate district conventions.

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I had been thinking about going to the Republican precinct convention out of sheer curiosity but family events didn't allow me to. I mean, who in their right mind would pass up a trip to Outback?

Who knows, maybe I'll make it in 2010.

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