Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An ugly game, but I did something...

Softball picked up again this week after taking a week off for the holiday.

The Slackers lost 22-3.

I played third base for the first three innings, but played in left for the fourth. I didn't do much defensively, except for a little thing that saved my ankle. An extremely hard hit grounder was rocketed right at me. I didn't have the time to get my glove down, just enough to set my feet and start to... Thank goodness I got my feet set, as the ball would have hit me square in my right ankle. As it was, I felt the ball brush my jeans as it went between the wickets.

I may love my Slackers (our team's name) but I really don't want a nice, huge welt (or worse) on my ankle. Yay for self-preservation!

Anyway, I had two at-bats. Worked the first one to a 3-2 count then lined one to the shortstop, who nabbed me at first by a couple of strides.

The second at bat I took strike one and then swung at the next one, hitting it to about the same place. I beat out the throw to first this time but was thrown out at second for the final out of the game.

Here's my updated numbers:

BA: .363 (4-11) OBP: .461 (6-13) 1B: 4 BB: 2 K: 2 RBI: 3

Next weeks a doubleheader, with games at 8:30 and 9:30, our only 9:30 game this season.

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K T Cat said...

Wanna play for the Padres? With a BA over .350, you'd definitely be a starter.