Saturday, June 07, 2008

Yea, thanks doc, you obviously want to see me so much

I go to an eye doctor in Houston.

I've been going there for probably about 20 years now. Seeing as I'm just 23 now, that should say something.

Well, lately they've been pissing me off.

You know how you get those little cards in the mail that remind you that you need to schedule an appointment soon?

Yea, well, I haven't been getting those lately.

I've got an appointment scheduled for next Monday since I realized my eyedrop prescriptions, which were written to be good for a year, expire this month.

Seeing as I was supposed to be back to see the doc in six months, that's great.

Just. Fucking. Peachy.

I'm starting to wonder if they really want my business or not, seeing as this happened last year too.

I'm planning on a conversation with my doc about it. If they fail to get me a card again I'm seriously going to consider dumping him for a doc here in Beaumont.

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I never get reminder letters from anyone about anything. Unless you count bills.

I don't.

Justin said...

Well they've been sending those to me for most of the 20 years we've been doing business with them.