Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow that brings back memories

I've been wanting a digital P&S for a while because SLR cameras, like the Rebel XT I normally use, just aren't suitable for everything.

Sometimes you just want something simple and easy to carry around, ya know? Not to mention that a lot of sports venues don't allow long-lensed cameras.

Yesterday my mom gave me a point and shoot digital camera that she'd bought a replacement for.

It's a Gateway DC-M42. Nothing impressive at 4 megapixels (half of what my Rebel has), but the price was certainly right!

That's not the interesting part.

I found the camera case I knew I had from years back and I stumbled upon something more interesting: my old Kodak Advantix C650 APS camera, still in the case, along with a roll of unexposed APS film and a battery for it.

The camera looks like it's been to hell and back. It's got what look like teeth marks from a dog chewing through the case (although said case has no teeth marls that I can see) and there's something loose on the innards of the camera. It probably doesn't work anyway.

Seeing it brought back some good memories. I used this camera as my main one from either 1999 or 2000 when we bought it until 2001 when I got my first SLR, a 35mm Rebel 2000, but still using it for a while as a P&S for those times I didn't feel like lugging around all my gear.

This makes me wonder, do they still even sell or develop APS film?

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K T Cat said...

How very retro!