Monday, August 17, 2009

Discuss Amongst Yourselves: Can chivalry say “I’m not dead yet!” or not?

thekissI’ve decided to give this feature a second run. Here’s my question for this week:

Is chivalry dead or simply endangered?

Discuss amongst yourselves, I’ll post my thoughts Wednesday or Thursday.

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Jen said...

I do not think chivalry is dead, it has just morphed a bit. The feminine movement squelched it a bit, along with time and the development of modern conveniances. An example, overblown, but an example would be a man laying down his cape so I lady would be able to avoid a puddle. With the advent if macadam, this became unnecessary as mud puddles became more obsolete. Then there is the anecdotal stories that have recently come off of Twitter regarding men opening doors for women, only to be abused by them, or ignored completely. I believe that chivalry is still an innate part of a man's psyche, but it is not given the chance to present itself in the manner of 200 years ago. Every generation, btw has bemoaned the demise of chivalry and manners. Until we are a dead race, chivalry will live.

VegasVickie said...

Chivalry is not dead. But it is not being taught either. Please teach, your children well!

Michelle said...

Here's my thought on chivalry. Chivalry is not dead, nor will it be as long as there are men willing to practice it and women willing to appreciate it. Part of the problem is the modern feminism which does not have a place in it for chivalry. As long as these women will not allow men to be chivalrous, it will continue to limp along.

Jumbled response, but there it is.