Thursday, August 20, 2009

My take on chivalry

[My response to this question, which I posed on Monday.]

It’s a very simple take, really. It only requires one sentence that says it all. Here goes:

How can chivalry be dead if I’m practicing it?

On a semi-related note, I might be killing off this feature soon and replacing it with a better idea I got earlier this week.


Jen said...

Cop out. Too easy, but true I guess. it only takes one person practicing a behavior to keep it alive. But will you promise to pass this on to your sons? Will you show your daughters how to except it gracefully and not with indignant anger? I suspect you will. Cheers.

Tots said...

Chivalry is DEAD! I killed it!

And ate it's liver with Fava beans and a light lemon sauce.

It was delicious.

Justin said...

@Jen - Of course I will... if I ever have kids.

@Houston - No chianti?

Tots said...

I am a man of the earth, nothing so high class for me.

K T Cat said...

Of course it's not dead. The people who say it is just want it to be dead.