Friday, August 07, 2009

Random Thoughts: It’s like Twitter, but without that pesky 140 character limit!

Yes, I decided to do one of these. I figured I should post something substantial for once.

  • Concerning all the well-dressed, swastika-wielding astroturfers at these town hall meetings. I should have listened to my better judgment when it said to leave the swastika in my car, but I do not regret wearing that tuxedo to the meeting! And, yea, I should have picked out a better toupee… it’s too obvious.
  • Why do local advertisers always pick women with nasally or incredibly high-pitched voices to narrate their commercials. I swear, nails scratching a chalkboard would be better to hear than the women in their ads. At least they’re pretty. Maybe that’s why they’re picked.
  • Met a girl, thought she was grand, fell in love, found out first hand… (NSFW/audio warning)
  • So they DDoS-ed Twitter yesterday and it was down for a few hours. As a Twitter veteran who remembers the times when it was down seemingly more than it was up, I have this to say: Twitter downtime still sucks.
  • My first experience with Twitter downtime was disheartening… it was right after I signed up. I’d thought I’d broken it. In fact, I did a blog post about it
  • Looking back and reading that post, I can’t help but think one thing. Damn, I had a lot of angry/bitter vibes going on. I really do try to not be so angry and bitter… now, at least.
  • I wonder why I was so angry and bitter… hm…
  • I’d go back and delete blog posts that are angry or bitter or whatever, but I’ve got a feeling that I’d end up deleting whole months. I know myself.

And I’m spent…


Tots said...

If we didn't wear our tuxes we would have been referred to as "Dirty Hillbillies."

K T Cat said...

When I re-read my recent "buying a Macbook" post, I was surprised at how nasty it was.