Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why you don't mix unsupervised cats and computers

Yes, I finally decided to get Twitter.

Unfortunately, ever since I created an account, Twitter hasn't been able to work for shit.

I managed to post a note on there. Nothing fancy, just a "please fucking work" type thing, but it's seriously not working for me at all.

I get a server maintenance message once in a while. It's an image of a cat and a computer that says "in in ur serverz making thingz better!!!"

Obviously not, considering you've been popping up sporadically for hours.

And there's nothing on the Twitter Blog about it.

Seeing that, it tells me that the cat is playing around with the server unsupervised.

Maybe next time the humans will leave the server room door closed.

I'll get the flash twitter thingy on here eventually, but the code can't seem to tie the damn thing to my account for some reason either.

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