Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Patience at the plate

If there's anything at all I've kicked myself about during this round of softball it's been how I've been impatient at the plate.

Monday night, that changed.

I walked both plate appearances.

Heck, I only swung once. Shouldn't have though, that pitch was inside on me.

Oh well.

Since it's a co-ed league, I got two free trips to second. The lineups in co-ed leagues are guy-girl-guy-girl and they give the guy second as a way to discourage walking guys intentionally. With two outs, the girl that's next can take first automatically if she wants.

Anyways, the first time I was on I ended up being the second out. I got to third safely, I just didn't stop in time and ended up two or three steps into foul territory. The 3B got me when I went "Oh, shit!" and was scrambling back.

We've got a make-up game on Sunday and then a doubleheader on Monday to close out the season.

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