Friday, May 18, 2007

Old pictures

When I was going through all my picture backups earlier this week, I stumbled across some pictures from about two years ago.

Both of these were taken with a camera on my PDA, which is only a slightly higher quality than a camera phone, so they don't look the best in the world, but whatever.

Taken May 16, 2005 - Bear was roughly 8 months old at the time. Back then, he was also the only dog in our house.

Taken July 31, 2005 - Bruiser was 12 weeks old. Notice how he's mostly black. Tri-color Beagles are born black and white and their brown grows in during puppyhood.

Also, and I can't believe I missed this, Monday was Bruiser's birthday. He's now two years old officially.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, Friday Ark is today.

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