Monday, June 28, 2010

Supreme court to review the other Arizona immigration law

That’s right, I’m not talking about SB 1070. I’m talking about the law punishing employers for hiring illegals.

The Supreme Court is entering the nation's charged debate over immigration, agreeing to hear a challenge from business and civil liberties groups to an Arizona law that cracks down on employers who hire undocumented workers.

The justices on Monday accepted an appeal from the Chamber of Commerce, American Civil Liberties Union and others to a lower court ruling that upheld Arizona's law. The measure requires employers to verify the eligibility of prospective employees through a federal database called E-Verify and imposes sanctions on companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers.

Some of y’all might remember that I’ve blogged about this law before. I still don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that the law will be overturned, but who knows. After all, I didn’t think the SCOTUS would even take the case.

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K T Cat said...

I thought that the Governor's YouTube bit about the signs posted near the border was particularly damning. Taking these cases to court seems like a suicide mission. It just convinces people that you're an open borders nut.