Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blogger's commenting system kills my comedic genius

Houston over at Tater Tots for the Masses did a post about me yesterday. I left a comment noting that:

I had a funny line to put here, but Blogger won't let me use the strike tag in the comments.

A comment that, in full, would have read something like:

And I'm sure my three readers will be just as nice to you. :)

You know, I tried using graphics for my blogroll at one time but I got lazy decided that the text-based blogroll looks better.

Well, that and BlogRolling has a bookmarklet that allows you to add sites to your blogroll on the fly.

Which I guess does make me lazy. Not that y'all didn't know that already.

And another thing, why the hell does a guy named Houston live in Dallas? Doesn't it just seem odd?


Jim said...

Yeah, that does seem odd. Clearly the guy should be living in Austin or San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

That's really not that old. I once had a cat named Frosted Flakes.

That was odd.

Tots said...

Sorry Y'all,can't help the location at this point although I feel your pain with the confusion. I do have a friend I work with named Austin (now THAT creates confusion, Houston AND Austin working together in Dallas).


Also, I am afraid as I know we are one step closer to Justin showing his Junk.

K T Cat said...

Man, if you have to explain the html behind the joke, it just isn't funny any more.