Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fraternity at Texas Tech has no class

  Reveille VII and Mascot Corporal Pierce Hunter (source)

Really, just don't go there:

Texas Tech has banned the sale of a T-shirt bearing the likeness of Michael Vick hanging the dog mascot of rival Texas A&M.

The red and black shirts, with text that says "VICK 'EM" on the front in an apparent reference to the Aggies' slogan "Gig 'em," was created by a Tech student who was trying to sell them before Saturday's game in Lubbock.

The back of the shirt shows a football player wearing the No. 7 Vick jersey holding a rope with an image of the mascot Reveille at the end of a noose.

First off, let's ignore the fact that I'm an A&M fan here, because it truly is irrelevant.

This idea is just sickening. There's no words I can think of to describe just how horrible this is.

Needless to say, anything having to do with animal cruelty sets me off. I mean, just look at my three little angels. Anybody who's convicted of animal cruelty should be thrown in a hole under the jail and then have that hole filled with concrete if you ask me.

And someone who jokes around about something like this doesn't deserve much better.

But what else would you expect from a bunch of drunken frat boys?

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