Friday, October 26, 2007

I got the biscuit!

Welcome to Friday Photo, a new feature where I share photos that I've taken with the world.

Texas Wildcatters defensemen Mike Madill moves the puck down the rink during a second round playoff game against the Florida Everblades at Ford Arena on April 27, 2007. The Wildcatters lost the game 5-2 and ended up dropping the best-of-seven series four games to two.

I wanted to get a hockey picture in this week since the 'Catters have their home opener tomorrow night against the Everblades. I don't plan on bringing the camera to opening night, but I'll probably bring it to Sunday afternoon's game.


K T Cat said...

Great photo!

Justin said...

Thanks :)

Hopefully I can grab some good ones at Sunday's game.

Anonymous said...

The biscuit?

Is that a good thing?