Saturday, December 15, 2007

Raggedy Andy shoots up

I've got a bum elbow, can I get some HGH?

Former Astros pitcher Andy Pettitte today admitted he had used human growth hormone to overcome an elbow injury in 2002 as alleged in the Mitchell Report, which was released Thursday.

Pettitte, a Deer Park resident, admitted using human growth hormone on two occasions and said he did it to help him heal faster. Human growth hormone wasn't banned by baseball until 2005.

So, did God tell him to use HGH too?

I also thought I'd share my thoughts on the Mitchell Report while we're at it.

I'm disappointed by a few things. First that the Astros traded for Miguel Tejada a day before he appeared on the report. Yes, Uncle Drayton says he had no idea. Of course he didn't, the man's clueless.

In all seriousness, what needs to happen is that the recommendations in the report are implemented. And fast.

Don't hang asterisks. Don't scratch records. If the morons in MLB had kept their house in order from the beginning none of this would have ever happened.

The same goes for suspending people in the report. Any evidence cited in the report would be too weak to convict, so there's no point in handing out suspensions. They'll likely be appealed and tossed.

Simply put, the steroids/HGH era happened. Forget punishing those involved and fix it so it doesn't happen again.


Tots said...


I don't know why in the world Baseball seems to be so afraid to enforce any kind of REAL drug policy on it's players.

If I failed my drug test, I wouldn't be working where I am. Shouldn't be any different for anyone who actually makes REAL money.

K T Cat said...

Baseball doesn't have the power. The owners and the players do. The commissioner is pretty powerless.