Tuesday, April 22, 2008


After repeated delays, we finally got to kick off the softball season yesterday evening.

They stuck me in right field, which I wasn't upset about since nothing got hit towards me all game. The way the sun was right in my eyes it's not like I would have seen it coming anyway.

I got two plate appearances. I could see while I was on deck that the pitcher for the other team was shaking off some rust so I was patient at the plate. I watched strike one go by and then managed to resist as the next four all either hit the plate or fell short, sending me to second (in co-ed, men get to go to second on a walk to discourage walking them to get to women, as the lineups alternate between the sexes) and bringing in a run.

The second appearance I worked the count full and hit a hard grounder to the first basemen, who flipped the ball to the pitcher and got me by a step.

So I went 0-1 with a BB and an RBI. I'm not upset.

Next week we've got a doubleheader, which'll be nice.

Now if I can just remember to look up what the ASA strike zone is.

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

"to discourage them from walking to get to women"

How else are they supposed to get to the women? Gold carts? Also, maybe you guys should be more concentrated on playing the game and less distracted about hooking up with women. I think you probably need a new coach. I'll volunteer. This is the game where you have to run to home plate before you get a touchdown, right?

Justin said...

We're actually coached by a woman, Jenny. Read into that what you want...

Tots said...

Apparently I get to women all the time. They keep showing me their containers with lots of hot spices for Mexican food and accidentally hitting me in the face with sprays from them.

It burns and hurts a lot, but I can overlook it, 'cause they are so cute when they are angry.

Tots said...

Jenny... Home Plate.

What are you? Some kind of soccer weenie? Learn the rules!