Friday, May 02, 2008

I really ought to wear a chest protector

So I finally remembered to write about softball this week.

I really didn't do that much.

We won the first game, but I can't remember the score. It was a game where it looked like we were going to get clobbered then we wound up batting around and then some one inning, giving us the lead.

After that inning I got put in at third base and got some action, though not the kind I'd prefer. Fighting the setting sun right in my face, it wasn't a friendly place to be playing. The other team had folks on first and second. Their batter hit a grounder and the 2B threw it to me.

I didn't see it coming and the ball hit me squarely in the chest. Before you ask, I'm fine.

Thankfully I redeemed myself a little by grabbing the ball once it hit the ground on one knee and touching the bag with my other hand to get the force. Embarrassing, but I got the out. Had another throw to me later that I saw coming but didn't get a glove on.

Second game was interesting. I got put in the field on a temporary basis after one of our teammates had a ball one-hop her in the mouth. Her boyfriend (I think he is anyway) helped her get cleaned up and stuff so the ump let us put in someone to fill in while that was getting taken care of. I was in the field for about two at bats then came out.

Don't worry, she'll be fine.

Last inning of this game I get put in to hit. Two outs with us down pretty big. I worked the count to 3-2 then got pretty solid contact on one, but I got too much air under it.

It was really solid contact. I mean, I've gotten hits out of much weaker-hit balls. I remember one where the ball never got more than a couple feet away from home plate that I somehow beat out.

Fun times.

One game next week against the other church team in our league.

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Tots said...

I dig it man. Speaking of hits, my favorite one was watching my son Chris lay down a beautiful bunt (fast pitch baseball). Pitcher played it pretty well but the throw to first was wild. By the time they recovered the ball Chris had scored.

In the park homer off a bunt... Less then two feet from the plate. What a great play!