Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My hot bat shows me just how out of shape I am

Well, softball picked back up on Monday after a week got rained out.

We lost both games by fairly wide margins, but I think I had an OK night.

I came in about halfway through the first game but never got an at bat. There was a throw to me that I "let pass by me" because I "knew it would bounce off the fence and go to the catcher."

Hey, it sounds good, right?

Anyway, I started the second game and was put in the leadoff spot. As I said, "Y'all got too much faith in me." We were batting first so I started out at the plate. I hit a grounder towards the second basemen that I should have been out on, but the first sacker had her foot on the orange base instead of the white one, meaning I was safe.

In slow pitch, there's the normal white base and an orange one right next to it in foul territory. It's set up that way to avoid having collisions on close plays like that, as the first basemen takes the white bag as the baserunner runs for the orange one.

That's the first call I've ever seen argued in my years playing softball, and I can understand why as I was sure I was out.

I got moved up to second by the next batter but was tagged out as the front end of a double play ball hit right at the third basemen.

An inning or two later, I got another at bat, being told that after the AB they'd take me out for someone else. Since I don't really care about how much playing time I get as long as I get some, I was happy.

I hit the ball to about the same place as the first time, but not as hard. This time I legitimately beat out the throw. Again I was moved up to second by the next hitter. The next batter I took off running to third. I swear the guy we had in as first base coach was telling me to go at first and then said something to the tune of "NO, NO, STOP!"

It was too late for that. I rounded third, figuring as hard as I was running I would have been halfway home before I could have slowed down my momentum enough anyway. The throw was in time to the catcher, but the catcher dropped it, allowing me to cross the plate safely for a run.

It's about the time I used the backstop to stop myself that I realized just how out of shape I was. I walked over to the bleachers and just laid down for a few minutes to catch my breath.

Thank goodness I didn't have to go back into the field.

Wonder if they'll have me bat leadoff next week...

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