Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The night in which I'm reminded I am, in fact, not a great hitter

Tonight I got sent back to earth.

Due to having just enough guys, I was in for all of both games.

First game didn't do much, 2 K's and a groundout.

Second game, well, that one's a story.

We let in three runs in the top half of the inning, but put it together in the top half to bat around and get seven across the plate. I did my part late in the lineup by getting a two-out walk with the bases juiced, waling in two runs. Remember, in co-ed a man gets to go to second on a walk and, with two outs, the woman batting behind him can take first automatically if she chooses. She did.

After a pitching change, my brother came up to the plate and hit me and whoever was on third in.

My next AB I grounded into a fielder's choice and advanced to second on a single by the next batter before an inning-ending grounder.

There was about 5 minutes left on the clock and we were up 11-3. All of us are thinking "just get three outs." We'd already sat the other team down

Uh, yea, well that didn't happen. They mounted a furious comeback and ended their half of the inning up 12-11.

I was leading off the bottom half. I hit a fly to right-center that dropped in for a single. The batter after me grounded out and I was forced out at second on a grounder my brother hit.

That turned into a good thing.

My brother ended up scoring from first on a hit by the next batter, something he wouldn't have done if he'd had my slow ass in front of him, for the tying run. The next hitter hit a deep fly that dropped, practically allowing the winning run to walk in from second.

We won it 13-12! What a game!

I decided to do my stats for the season:

BA: .333 (3-9) OBP: .455 (5-11) 1B: 3 BB: 2 K: 2 RBI: 3

Nothing spectacular, but it's better than I've done in the past.

We're off next week for Memorial Day, then we've got three more weeks in the season.

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