Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Heaven forbid you hurt their feelings!

An Ohio town has canceled it's little league all-star game.

Why? Because some kids might have their feelings hurt:

The City of Beachwood has decided to break tradition and cancel a Little League All-Star game for children ages 9-12.
In March, Beachwood Mayor Merle Gordon sent a letter to parents of children involved in the Little League program stating the city was canceling the All-Star game based on information provided in an article written by the founder of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, Fred Engh.

The article suggested that All-Star games take away from sportsmanship and hurts the self esteem of players, especially younger players.

In the article Engh states, "There's nothing like sticking a dagger into a youngster's self-esteem the first season he plays the sport by letting him know that he's not good enough or considered worthy to be part of this elite group of teammates. That's not the message we want to send to children who are already less active and more obese than any previous generation in history."

What a crock of shit! Then again, that's what parenting's turned into these days. Nothing but being concerned that you might hurt your kids feelings and doing everything possible to avoid doing so.

I know I'm gonna sound like a cold-hearted bastard for saying this, but sometimes kids need to have their feelings hurt. The fact is that the world isn't always a happy place where everything goes right. Kids need a taste of that before they get out on their own or they're going to end up shooting up a post office when they get out in the real world and see that not everybody is, in fact, worried about stomping on their feelings.

Hm, maybe I should have kids after all. It's not like I could do worse than these folks in preparing my kids for the harsh realities of this world.

(H/T Deadspin)

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Tots said...

Dig it man. Kids also have to be prepared to realize that sometimes they SUCK at things.

Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.