Monday, July 28, 2008

Quote of the day

Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli "Don't throw in the sponge"

- Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli

Yesterday at church we had a going away luncheon for Dr. G., who served as choir director for both our church and Lamar (the local university). He's moving up to Wisconsin, where both him and his wife have gotten jobs teaching at universities near each other.

Dr. G's from Argentina, so sometimes he gets English sayings wrong. One of his students from Lamar said that once, about the point in the semester where everybody gets tired and everything, that Dr. G told them "Don't throw in the sponge," and that it's become a bit of a catch-phrase around the music department since.

Dr. G's am amazingly talented director who's gotten more out of us than we would have ever thought we were capable of, and he will be missed.

(The above picture of Dr. G taken from Lamar's website for the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance)

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