Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So, can we please put this thing about how the All-Star Game decides home field for the World Series to rest?

Lit Up LidgeProbably not, but I can hope right?

After watching that insanity last night (the AL winning 4-3 in the 15th), I'm more convinced than ever that it's the biggest crock of bullshit in all of sports.

Every other major professional sport decides who gets home field/court/ice by who has the best record. Why the hell can't baseball do that?

Sure, you could argue that you want the game to mean something. But a 15-inning war of attrition with the way rosters are handled in an All-Star game played two teams in which the vast majority of players involved will not be playing in October shouldn't decide anything.

Neither should any game that's played in that style.

Is it really too much to want the two teams that make the World Series decide who gets home field based on what they did over 162 games?

I guess so.

Either way, it sure was a hell of a game, wasn't it?

And, no, I couldn't resist breaking out the old Lit Up Lidge avatar I'd made while he was still an Astro, seeing as how he struck again. :)

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