Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I guess I should blog about the trip to Fort Worth

Allergies have been kicking my ass the past few days, sorry I haven’t gotten back to y’all.

Friday was an experience. I came out during the day to make a quick run to Wal-Mart to get something for the trip when I notice I have a flat tire. I aired up the tire and went to Discount Tire, which was insanely backed up, and thus required me to wait two and a half hours to get the work done. Turned out to be a nail in the tire in a spot they couldn’t patch.

These kind of things are fairly common after hurricanes since everybody piles up their debris at the curb for pick-up, so no huge thing (besides the wait).

Finally got out of Beaumont about 6 and got into Fort Worth a little after midnight. Went straight to bed.

Next morning was the stuff we came for. We rented a U-Haul and went to my aunt’s apartment. Because of some stuff going on with her ex-husband at the time she rented the place, she got a third-floor apartment and our job was to move the bed and couch out of there.

Tons of fun, right?

Oh, it was! Especially since the mattress and couch were made out of fabric that was near impossible to get a good grip on.

Remind me to never get a third floor apartment.

Then we unloaded the stuff at her house and returned the truck. After grabbing lunch at Spring Creek Barbecue, we cleaned up and relaxed for a while before heading to the Stars game.

Instead of making the hour’s drive to Dallas, we decided to take the TRE, a commuter train running between Dallas and Fort Worth that stops right at the American Airlines Center on game days.

It was way easier than driving.

We got to the AAC just about the time they opened the doors and went to find our seats.

  AAC Nosebleeds
  Cell phone picture I sent to Utteril. Click here for more

They were so high up that calling them the nosebleeds doesn’t do justice to how high they are.

We were literally in the back row of the building, but the view was still really good.

It was a really exciting game, with the Stars losing 6-5 in overtime. I still believe that a team should never score five goals and lose, but that’s what happened.

The train ride really paid off for leaving, as we got to watch all the people fighting traffic as we sat comfortably in our seats heading towards Fort Worth.

Saturday we took my aunt out to lunch at Massey’s and then had an uneventful trip home.


Dean said...

Moving. Blows.

I own a pick-up which must have a visible-to-everyone-but-me bumper sticker that says: "Of course, I'll help you move".

3 years ago I declared a flat-out moratorium on helping anybody (outside of family) move. Its worked out quite nicely. In fact, I'm thinking of signing myself to 2-year extension its worked out so well.

Justin said...

No bumper sticker. It's just part of having a truck... which is why I bought a PT Cruiser.