Sunday, October 19, 2008

If I could ask Roger Goodell anything …

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… I’d ask him about these crazy TV rules the league has.

Last year, when they had the Colts-Patriots game that EVERYBODY wanted to see, we had to miss it because the Texans were on the road playing the Raiders. Apparently there’s some rule that the main markets around a team have to show that team when they’re on the road. Since Beaumont’s considered a main market for the Texans, we were screwed.

Fast forward to today. Today’s a single game on FOX and both the Cowboys and Texans are on there. I’m not sure about the Cowboys, but the Texans are definitely at home.

Not that it matters, since this isn’t considered a Cowboys market.

Take a guess which game the local FOX affiliate picks.

Yea, the Cowboys.

They did this once last year too.

And not because the game was blacked out here. The Texans have sold out every game in their history, even when they went 2-14, so that’s not the issue.

If you look at the NFL TV map for FOX today, you’ll see that places like Cincinnati, San Diego, Miami, and Buffalo are getting to watch the Texans game.

Personally, I think it’s a load of crap that K T Cat can watch my team play but I can’t.

Here’s my question: How in the world can it make any sense at all for us to not be able to watch our team at home when we’ve been forced, under NFL television rules, to watch our team when they’re on the road?

Try to not think about that too long, your head might overheat and explode.

At least our CBS affiliate is good about picking the Texans when they’re on there and FOX only gets a chance to fuck this up two or three times a year.

But it’s two or three times too many if you ask me.


K T Cat said...

The sooner we move to games on demand, the better. Our late game was Raiders - Jets. It was an exciting one, but not the one I wanted to see. The marquee game was Colts - Packers, but I guess they figured we were an AFC West market, so we had to suffer along with the Raiders. Yuck.

Justin said...

You could have always turned it to FOX and watched the Texans... I was listening on the radio.

Dean said...

If you are considered in a Texans' market then I can't explain why they didn't show the game unless the Texans did not sell out which you say is not the case.

The station manager at KFMB (CBS), Ed Trimble is a retard. He pulled the same crap last year when everyone wanted to watch Pats-Steelers and we got Denver-KC instead because of the "AFC West" logic.

Justin said...


No way it didn't sell out. The Texans sell enough tickets in season tickets alone to sell out, plus the game was on in Houston.

Then again, our FOX affie sells themselves as "The home of the Dallas Cowboys." Thank goodness they don't get many chances to screw it up.