Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lady doesn’t check where she taps, calls CNN to complain

Here we go…

CNN reported on Tuesday that a person from Beaumont called to say that his mother was not sure the electronic touch screen machine accurately was recording her preference for Sen. Barack Obama.

"She went to punch the selection for Obama and it flipped to McCain," the caller told CNN.

Jefferson County clerk Carolyn Guidry told the news channel that she was aware of the problems voters were having with the electronic touch screen machines, but that the number of reported problems was small.


Guidry called the touch screens "density sensitive," meaning machines will record were pressure is applied, which may be a different spot on the screen than where a voter believes he or she has touched.

How the hell can you not be sure? Even if you didn’t happen to notice that the wrong one was checked off on the machines we use, you have to go through a confirmation page for all the elections before the machines will allow you to cast your ballot. If you’re still unsure who you voted for after all that then maybe you shouldn't be voting.

People are so stupid…

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K T Cat said...

This is a clear case of denying the right to vote to the stupid. In order to prevent this from happening, from now on we will have only one name on the ballot.