Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lawmakers looking to ‘rescue’ a different sort of institution

utmb logoThis time, it’s an institution that’s worth rescuing:

Key state lawmakers said Wednesday they will devise a rescue plan to prevent massive layoffs at the University of Texas Medical Branch, which suffered $709 million in damage caused by Hurricane Ike.

Before legislators intervened Monday, leaders of the state's oldest medical school and the largest employer on Galveston Island were contemplating a one-third reduction in its work force of 12,000.

I really do think that rebuilding UTMB and keeping them from cutting a third of their staff is admirable and should be done.

But there’s one thing about it that I do wonder…

Ike 004


TxDOT crews clear I-45 approaching the Galveston Causeway.


Should we be rebuilding UTMB in Galveston or somewhere inland.

I know, I know, I know. The school’s always been in Galveston and that it pre-dates the 1900 hurricane.

I also know that it would cost a hell of a lot more to take a facility like they have and build everything brand new inland enough that storms aren’t a major concern than it would to repair what is there now.

It just seems like the smarter investment would be to move the largest medical school in Texas to Houston, where you wouldn’t have to worry about pouring $709 billion (or more) into repairs the next time an Ike happens.

And Galveston being where it is, there *will* be a next time.

Of course, with government being what it is, that will never happen.

Oh well.

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