Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finding normal

Monday my grandmother went to her bone doc for another checkup.

Her wrist is completely healed now, but she needs some more physical therapy to get back all her strength in the wrist.

She’s gained a lot in the past month, but she still has trouble with a few things.

Half of the battle, as you can imagine, is getting her to trust that wrist again. She’s still a little scared of doing things with it sometimes…

…so I make her do it.

She has to get over her fear of things somehow, and I don’t know a better way than that.

Things are getting back to normal. Thankfully, that also means that I can cook things that she had trouble eating earlier.

So I’m making a pot of chicken spaghetti on Thursday.

Maybe I’ll share the recipe sometime soon.

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K T Cat said...

What a good grandson you are!