Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I wish she’d just kept her mouth shut

I took my grandmother to a late breakfast yesterday morning. She’d gotten up early yesterday morning (like before 5) when my little brother woke her up and said something to the tune of “I think I’ve got appendicitis, I need to go to the ER.”

They went, and he was right. They caught it early, so it wasn’t anything terribly serious. He’s had it removed and will hopefully be coming home today.

I stayed home because things had to be taken care of, then got up to the hospital about 10:30. My grandmother hadn’t eaten yet, so we planned to go grab a bite in a little while.

When my cousin got there we told him we were going to head out and grab a bite to eat.

While we were chowing down on Breakfast, my grandmother (who, I remind you, broke her wrist in January) said “2009 has just been a bad year for us.”

Now I’m wondering what’s going to happen to me…

Of course, I’m just worrying too much. Right?

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