Sunday, March 01, 2009

Get more out of Twhirl

Twitter’s @donthorp, after a conversation with @GadgetVirtuoso, blogged a hack to TweetDeck that allows your Twitter timeline to be updated more frequently without sacrificing reply requests.

It clicked that the same hack could work in Twhirl, my Twitter client of choice.

The newest version of Twhirl is set up to allow Twitter Search to automatically search for replies. And since Twitter Search doesn’t count against the API limits, it’s essentially a “free” request.

It’s easy to set up too.

  1. Click on the wrench icon near the top right corner of your Twhirl window.
  2. Click on the Network tab.
  3. Change the two settings within the red boxes to the values shown:
  4. Click Save.

Now you’ll recieve all your replies and get your DM’s and Tweets more frequently.


Don Thorp said...

@donthorp actually posted the article after talking with @GadgetVirtuoso.

Justin said...

Fair enough, I'll clarify.