Friday, May 15, 2009

Bestowing an award

Because IMAO has no connection to terrorism that I can find, I’m bestowing this award on them:


Which, as you can imagine, is a huge relief!


innominatus said...

Cool award. But maybe you can convince Jack to just torture them a little bit. You know, just enough torture to make them post more on weekends.

Also, I use a similar blog theme. Just the other day I was looking through the code, trying to either widen the main panel like you've done, or be able to place something in the wasted space on the left. Was it a big pain to make your modifications?

Justin said...

It wasn't a big deal for me, but I have a decent grasp of both the coding and working with images. Widening the area requires modifying some of the base images for the Rounders templates.

Justin said...

Oh, and Jack won't torture IMAO even a little bit, even for more weekend blogging. Why? Because Jack gave his word. 'Nuff said.