Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quanell. You were wrong. Admit it and move on.

(Note to the locals: I’m throwing in the background info for all my non-local readers)

On April 30, Kevin LaDay died after passing out in police custody.

LaDay’s family and Houston’s own Quanell X, the leader of the New Black Panthers, went to Lumberton and held a protest, claiming that LaDay was beaten by the Lumberton P.D.

Today, LaDay’s autopsy came out, listing the cause of death as a drug overdose:

KFDM News has learned the final autopsy report in the death of Kevin LaDay shows his death was an accident and due to PCP toxicity with nothing listed in the report to indicate he'd been beaten, Justice of the Peace Vi McGinnis tells KFDM News.

(emphasis theirs)

Quanell’s conveniently ignoring the facts:

“Those findings are very suspicious to me. […] I don't trust county medical examiners. We know there was a scuffle, an altercation, a fight. If they say that had nothing to do with it, are they saying he would not have died if he hadn't come into contact with Lumberton Police?”

And he ain’t apologizing… at least not yet:

"It's extremely too early to offer an apology," said Quanell X. "I would never apologize unless we determine his death is due to natural causes. We've always seen medical examiners go along with police officers time and time again. White folks in America have never apologized to blacks for slavery. What the hell would I look like as a black man for apologizing for the death of a black man under what I call very suspicious circumstances? When whites apologize to African American people, then we can talk about a mutual apology."

What happened to this “post-racial America” thing I’ve been hearing about?

You were wrong. Be a man. Admit it and move on.

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