Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine Flu? BAH!

My aunt’s a nurse, so usually my grandmother listens to her when anything involving medicine is involved.

Well, this time she didn’t.

My aunt asked her what she was doing about swine flu, and my grandmother responded “nothing.”

You would have thought my grandmother had admitted to being on the grassy knoll.

My aunt told her things like “don’t go to church,” “wear a mask,” and “don’t hug anybody.”

My grandmother, being the woman she is, went to church the next day without a mask on and walked up to a guy that knows my aunt, said “my daughter says for me to not hug people” then gave him a really big hug.

She says she hasn’t had the flu since she retired from teaching, so she’s not worried about this one.

If only more people were like that.

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