Friday, June 23, 2006

By order of Bruiser, dogblogging is cancelled this week

He'd rather me talk about the horrendous week he's had.

I really don't think it's been too bad, but with him being the creature of habit that he is it's been horrible for him.

Anywho, here's what's goin on.

Monday morning, my grandmother flew to Seattle to spend the week with my aunt who lives in Alaska. It's something that they do every summer.

Last year when this happened, Bruiser had been around this house for about a week, still a pup. He wasn't THAT attached to anybody here yet, so it wasn't too big a deal.

In the year, he's gotten pretty attached to her. When he takes a nap during the day, it'll usually be near her. And at night he'll be curled up right next to her in bed. That's just his thing, I've gotten used to it.

Monday night was the worst night. He didn't want to sleep for anything and even wandered to the door and whined that he wanted in. Poor guy. I didn't get that much sleep either thanks to that.

Since then, he's gotten used to it. He's been sleeping with me.

Now, she gets back tonight around 10:30 and I know the boys will all be glad to see her and have things get back to normal.

And, honestly, I will too.

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