Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nice guys don't always finish last

Kindness pays off.

I'd mentioned before that I was going to the 'Stros game and got a kickass seat in the front row in right field.

Anywho.... I got there early enough to take in batting practice. I usually do that just to take a walk around the park and relax.

While the Royals were taking BP, one of the Royals players tossed a ball that didn't quite make it into the stands in my general direction. I caught it.

Being the nice guy I am, I gave it to a little girl that was standing next to me. He was tossing it to her anyways, she just bobbled it. She said thank you and I was happy :)

Anywho.... After BP was over, one of the season ticket holders that was sitting next to me gave me one she's gotten. She said she had tons of 'em so it wasn't a biggie.

21 years and I FINALLY get a ball. I was so pumped.

Oh yea, the game. It sucked. We lost 7-2.

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