Monday, June 05, 2006

The cure for all that ails your team

Play the Astros.

Lately we've been the whipping boys of the NL, dropping three of four to Washington,.two of three to Pittsburgh, and being swept by the Giants and Reds, all teams that were struggling going in to their series.

So, who's up next?

The loveable losers known as the Chicago Cubs. They're 22 and 33 and have been struggling with injuries most of the year.

MAYBE we can put a stop to it and get rolling. I'm startin to wonder though.

At least get me a win Wednesday when I'm there...

In other Astros news, Craig Biggio is leading all-star balloting at second base as of the last count. We'll see if that holds since there's no real outstanding player at second base this year.

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