Thursday, June 01, 2006

CCE: Evil Glenn's evil holiday

(A Filthy Lie)

I just happened to pick up this conversation overnight.

TheyCallMeLucifer: so, waht r u doing for my big day, glenn?
TheyCallMeLucifer: what*
PassThePuppies: WHAT DO YOU MEAN your big day, Satan?
TheyCallMeLucifer: tuesday is june 6, 2006, a.k.a. 6/6/6
PassThePuppies: Indeed *thinks about it*
TheyCallMeLucifer: tyt
PassThePuppies: I KNOW!!!
TheyCallMeLucifer: what did u come up with, glenn?
PassThePuppies: I'VE BEEN LOOKING for a good time to launch my Tennessee Fried Hobo chain of fast food places. That would be a perfect day to do it.
TheyCallMeLucifer: yea glenn, that'd be cool, but teh blogosphere's already found out aboot it.
TheyCallMeLucifer: the* and about*
TheyCallMeLucifer: sheesh, you'd think i was canadian or something. aboot, i swear....
PassThePuppies: heh
PassThePuppies: WELL, I NEED TO come up with something else, don't I?
TheyCallMeLucifer: yea, that'd be nice
PassThePuppies: I THINK I'LL SACRIFICE a hobo and a couple of virgins to you and then drink a puppy shake. A hard puppy shake. Nothing like a little Jack and puppy. :)
PassThePuppies: I'LL EVEN WRITE ABOUT IT on my blog.
TheyCallMeLucifer: sounds good to me...
PassThePuppies: AIGHT DUDE, I gotta go find some virgins that would be acceptable to you. This is Tennessee, decent-looking virgins are really hard to come by 'cause they all seem to be attracted to their cousins.
TheyCallMeLucifer: good luck with that, dude. later
PassThePuppies: LATER
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I can't really say that I'm surprised by this.

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